Lean Machine Package


Lean Machine Package


Are you ready to build some lean muscle and sweat like a pig? Welcome to the Lean Machine Training Package!

This Package is Available For Men & Women Ages 18-50 Years Old!

Includes the following :

  • Personalized Programs - Developed for YOU based on YOUR abilities, goals and limitations. You have the choice to receive an updated workout program week to week or the whole program at once. Modifications are available if need be.

  • Calculated Macros - Find out how much you should really eat to achieve your goals!

  • Cardio Training - I will let you know the best forms of cardio I would like you to complete as well as when to do them to best fit your goals.

  • Check Ins - These are not required but recommended to make sure YOU stay on track and that progress is being made. This is also your chance to ask questions, ask for modifications or change up the program. You are allowed three check-in’s per week.

  • (Once you purchase the package you will receive an email within 24 hours to have the initial consultation.)  

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