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I created Titan Training Fit LLC to help other's get in shape in a fun, fast and inexpensive way.  You'll find all sorts of goodies here on my site from, (Training Packages ONLINE BASED, Specialized Training Packages, E-Books & Training Guides, Challenges, ETC!)  My name is Mike Smith.  Im an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer,  

I make it not only my job but my goal to help my clients get in the best shape of their life.  I like to make everything a personal experience when it comes to training as it is called PERSONAL TRAINING.  Their are no cookie cutter plans.  Every training package is personalized for the individual based on goals, ability's, limitations, Etc. I send out an email to have an official consultation with you within 24 hrs after you have purchased.

I appreciate all of your support as i wouldn't be here without you! 

Thanks for visiting my site :)