Mortal to Myth - 6 Week Challenge


Mortal to Myth - 6 Week Challenge

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During this 6 Week Challenge Mike will help transform your body by being your Personal Trainer and Coach.  You will achieve higher levels of fitness and wellness along with building a whole new physique!

The 6 Week Challenge Includes:

  • Workouts for the 6 Weeks (Both for Men & Women)

  • Weekly Email "Check-ins"

  • A Grocery Store List To Help Narrow Down Your Food Shopping

  • 6 Week Ab Circuit Routines

  • How to Count Macros (Protein, Carbs, Fats)

  • Sample Nutritional Plan (Macros, Calories, Bulking, Fat Loss)

  • Sample 6 Week Daily Meal Plan

  • Healthy Titan Recipes

  • 1st Place Winner Gets $1,000 via PayPal

  • 2nd Place Winner Gets $500 via PayPal

  • 3rd Place Winner Gets $100 via PayPal

Note: Once purchased you will receive an email from Mike within the first 24 hrs. Minimum of 12 participants must be enrolled by December 1st 2019, for the challenge to occur. If the minimum is not met, all registered participants will receive a refund or an exchange for another digital service he offers. You will receive all materials the night before the challenge.

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